If you are looking for a haven of tranquility and contemplation, Kubota Garden is among the first things to go to.

Kubota Garden is such a lovely and amazing outdoor garden/city park in southern Seattle that anybody in the Puget Sound neighborhood is bound to come to. The minute you step into it, you are instantly drawn into a quiet neighborhood, concealed amidst a lot of greenery. To get lost in this place is the east, because you want to observe every plant, every tree, walk every path, etc.. But it is in fact very simple to get moving, and one cannot be lost in the meaning of the direction!

The garden has a lot of ways and at the entry you will find a map that you can pursue. There is a parking lot, but it becomes crowded on working days. Entrance is free as it is a city park, but you can contribute to help maintain this beautiful place.

There is a pond area with koi fish, arched footbridges to cross, waterfalls, vast outdoor spaces for having picnics, places to rest reading a novel, a sheltered place that resembles the forest and is enclosed by trees, a roofed deck area facing the garden for shows and so on, water fountains, a portable toilet area and it is dog friendly. Here you will find everything you need to get away and find comfort.

But what precisely is it that makes this garden so unique? Here are points


  • Kubota Garden was established in 1927. Fujitaro Kubota moved from Japan in 1907 and was a self-educated person who loved gardens. So he bought 5 hectares of garden land and started to build his own garden centre.
  • Fujitaro Kubota were involved in the massive incarceration of other Japanese Americans.
  • If you have ever been to the University of Seattle, you probably have visited instances of Fujitaro Kubota s efforts.
  • Fujitaro Kubota has created gardens all over the Seattle area, and you will have a chance to view his wonderful creations on the University of Seattle campus.

When Kubota was detained at Camp Minidoka, nothing was in the Idaho wasteland, so Kubota devoted his minutes there to building rock gardens. When he came back, he added many stones to his gaden to form a breathtaking hill waterfall and other landscaping things.

You can also visit KubotaGarden.org to learn more about the visit. Please note that Kubota Garden follows the guidelines for a safe start. If you are planning a visit, please cooperate by always wearing a mask, keeping a distance of at least 6 feet between you and your family and other people, and visiting with no more than five people in a group.


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