A host of museums – covering absolutely anything from aviation and electronics to pop culture and practical skills – ensure that you will have many hours of entertainment.

Museum of Pop Culture

MoPOP is situated in the Seattle Center in an absolutely stunning facility and is devoted to the notions and the willingness to take risks that fuel popular modern art. Rooted in rock n roll, MoPOP acts as a museum of discovery, bringing its collections, displays and learning opportunities to young and old, employing highly engaging technologies to inspire people. Here you can explore the powerful Nirvana history, discover sci-fi, fantasy or scary films, immerse yourself in the Seattle origins of Jimi Hendrix, and even take the tools of your trade in their cutting-edge interactive sound lab and explore your personal Seattle experience.

Seattle Children s Museum

A tour of the Seattle Children s Museum ensures an engaging social experience where little kids can discover, enjoy and study. With artwork, culture and STEM-based displays, children ages 6 months to 10 years can study and research together with their parents. They can do their shopping in the grocery at Metropolitan Market, construct from blueprints or research measurements and sizes. Appear on stage in the theater and visit Japan to prepare sushi! Come to see us in our imagination studio to design a sound statue, and do your practice while ascending the hill.

The Airplane Museum

The Aviation Museum is the biggest non-commercial aerospace museum in the world! With over 175 airplanes and spaceships, dozens of exhibits and lessons learned, the museum revives the amazing stories of humanity s flight. Watch what makes an airplane roar with the help of functioning aircraft engine models and learn how planes are constructed with a closer examination of airworthy materials, parts and fixings. For younger preschoolers, a mini air traffic control turret with soft toy airplanes on a mural with a soft runway floor can be rolled past.

Forest Park Zoo

Woodland Park Zoo is actually the one and only spot in Seattle where you get a good opportunity to see a chuckwalla, a wallaroo and a kookaburra. Whatever type of animal you are looking for, Woodland Park Zoo is the place to go if you want to see exotic wildlife.

Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium has a breathtaking sight screen overlooking a 120,000 gallon aquarium stocked with salmon, colorful stone fish, vibrant sea anemones and more indigenous Washington sea creatures. Scuba divers visit the waters thrice daily, using specialized mask equipment that enables them to engage with the public and provide information and guidance. Additional displays feature two touching tidal ponds full of sea anemones and sunflower sea stars, an exhibition on the Pacific coral reef, marine mammals and an aquarium s biggest display, an immersion cupola.

Pacific Science Center

Featuring five facilities with touchable scientific displays, a charming and educational Museum of Tropical Butterflies, two IMAX® stages, light displays and a planetarium, the Pacific Science Center is a jewel in the city s crown, ideal for visitors of any age.

Tidepooling in Golden Gardens Park

For a complimentary, thrilling and intriguing experience that is second to none, you can explore Golden Gardens Park at low tide and get up close to the aquatic wildlife of Puget Sound. You will find with ease a selection of crabs and fish, big moon snails, sea cucumbers, sea anemones and starfish.



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