From rum-coms to horror movies and whatever s inside them, these 5 famous places will give you the background to experience all your preferred moments.

Gasworks Parks

10 things I hate about you (1999)

Featuring Hit Ledger and Julia Stiles, this traditional 90 s teenager film with Shakespearean origins is shot throughout Seattle and shows some of the most cult destinations. Screenplay has been filmed in Fremont Troll and the Lake Union, as well as the film s iconic paintball dating scene at Gasworks Park. The high school, where most of the film is being shot, was located in the high school stadium in Tacoma.

Tom Hanks Floating House, Lake Union

Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

First of all, you should be aware of this: Prior to a trip to our wonderful city, you should watch the sleepless in Seattle. Seattle is quite in the name. This timeless movie is based on a love affair. Certain unforgettable scenes were filmed in the Athenian Seafood and seafood bar in Pike Place Market and Arctic Club in the center of Seattle. But probably the most unforgettable location is the Hanks boathouse, which is still located on the shore of Lake Union.

Apartments “Harbor Steps”, Downtown

Ring (2002)

Scary films are fully suitable for Seattle. Darkness? Got it. Is it rainy? Got it. Spooky girl crawling out of exposed rock wells? Of course! Probably. Most of the Ring was filmed in the countryside, involving a few improbable scenes at the Deception Pass. But the film s protagonist, a Seattle-based journalist called Rachel, stayed at Harbor Step s apartment near the city center. Westin Hotel s library appears as a labaratory of photos on 5th Avenue.

FinMacCool s/University of Washington, DC, University District

21 and more (2013)

The University of Washington actually received its first Animal House with thisĀ  film. Miles Teller and star Skylar Astin in this film comedy, where they assist Jeff to celebrate 21st birthday. Location is Capitol Hill, where the “fraternity house” was located. Close by are Fin MacCool s, The Knarr Shipwreck Lounge and Big Time Brewery & Alehouse bars, where you can have a good time on screen.

Thornewood Castle

Rose Red (2002)

You accidentally did not manage to watch this movie of horrors, inspired by Stephen King s story about an angry manor that murders everyone who comes into it, which was launched on TV long ago. When we learned that the manor was devil s house was close to Seattle, we were so happy. Thornwood Castle in neighboring Tacoma is a scenery for a creepy film, and it s a hotel where you can spend the day. They even have the film (if you re not planning on sleeping).



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