Probably the closest thing concerning life in Seattle is the closeness to Puget Sound. At these locations, you will be amazed by the wonderful countryside surrounding you and feel tiny in comparison to the huge bodies of water, the high trees and, maybe, the soaring Olympic Mountains.

History of the Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park and the Olympic Peninsula are among locations meant to enjoy the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. The park extends over approximately one million hectares and includes several distinct ecological systems. From hills to woods to craggy shoreline, you ll enjoy stunning sights and adventures.

Fortunately for natives and guests alike, this remarkable country has been acknowledged as such for over 100 years.

Professional Tip: Consider an adventure to the Olympic Peninsula for several days to give you time to discover every one of its extraordinary living spaces! The picturesque cities close by offer the ideal starting point following a full day of experience.

Explore the Olympic National Park

On the first day stop at Lake Crescent, with a visit to the Marymere Falls, and on the second day stop at the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, with a hike up Klahhane Ridge.

Marymere Falls

Hike to Marymere Falls starts with a visit to Lake Crescent Lodge, a cabin constructed in 1915 and featuring delightful cabin-style accommodation. This is an ideal place to see the attractions of Lake Crescent, where people can enjoy swimming, cruising and having a picnic.

Crescent Lake Brittany Carchano

What attracts you the Marymere Falls is the chance to follow the luxuriant woods. Even though the hike doesnot take long, no more than 2 miles, it is a wonderful chance to experience the Olympic Peninsula, with the a prize of a marvelous waterfall.

Professional Tip: Yoy dont have to give a $30 to see Marymere Falls and Lake Crescent, but for Klahhane Ridge it is neccessery.

The beginning spot for the path to Klahhane Ridge is a not long drive east on the parking spot of Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center, so it not difficult to come there. At the first spot you will see a signpost displayng peaks .

One of the lots sections of the Klahhane Ridge Trail Brittany Carchano

Klahhane Ridge

The final zone of the path before getting the ridge covers of a series of steep hairpin bends on path filled with wildflowers. When you get to the summit, you will see Juan De Fuca way for not a long time before a fog envelopes you, but you will be happy that you are still up there .

After your journey you will feel relax. Visit guest center to spoil yourself with sweets, visit the souvenires shop and be delighted with the view.

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