However, there is only a small harvest of restaurants that will really bring you closer to the water and make your stay there personal. Whether you want to enjoy a ferry or a boat, these open air locations will make you say “wow” before a drinks order is taken over by the restaurant host. And if you sense you are going to step out from under the deck umbrella and be exposed to the water, we have several locations for you to consider.


Westward is located on the north shore of Lake Union and offers spectacular scenery. In their menu there are tiny and big dishes of the most fresh, and it frequently varies. Remember to read their brunch menu, which includes an excellent range of authentic drinks.


Palisade delights visitors with its looks from 1992 onwards. Overlooking the Gulf of Elliot, there is a spectacular view of the promenade, and luxurious yachts berthed at a stone s throw from the restaurant. Every Thursday newly captured fish is delivered from Hawaii, and chef creates his magic, producing a very tasty meal – the menu is the wish of a marine products enthusiast.

Water table

On the water table, with all-year-round seating in and out, visitors can enjoy a splendid panorama overlooking the lake, city and mountains. On the restaurant s patio you will definitely see kayakers or boaters strolling on the waters of Lake Washington. From goose-krudo to salmon from Skuna Bay, the menu is influenced by Indian, Vietnamese cuisine, and the products are supplied on the regional level.

The 100 Pound Clam

Dan Bugg introduced The 100 Pound Clam on South Lake Union during the last season. The fishing hut has a window for outdoor walks and lots of outdoor seats. For complete table service, you can visit the White Swan Community House. A 100-pound clam will give you the feeling of being on a boat that is so near the docks of the yachts. The vibration is relaxed, and they do even feature a take-out menu.

Marination Ma Kai

Located on Alki Beach in West Seattle, the Ma Chi Marinion is a wonderful place to enjoy a variety of aquatic attractions: from kayaks to ferries, from sailboats to speedboats, while you eat fried kimchi rice and other tasty marinating dishes. Ma Kai Marinat serves an innovatory Hawaiian Korean style food service for natives who want an unforgettable but relaxed dinner experience.


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